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A Letter from the Founder

Dear Customers,

On behalf of Tan Co JSC, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your continued interest and valuable support for our Company throughout the past. Please know that your interest and support for us are always greatly cherished!

As I write these lines, Tan Co JSC as part of Tan Co Group (TCG) has turned 20 years old since its founding in 2000 – which is also the year beginning the new millennium. Tan Co represents not only a new opportunity but also an original force in the Manufacturing – Mechanical – Metalwork industries, fields that have ever been an endless source of fascination and enthusiasm for the Founder and a group of highly dedicated people.

The journey of the past 20 years seems so long but at the same time so short. It represents our first steps towards integration, particularly given the context of the nation just leaving behind the 20th century with its fair share of protracted wars and backwardness. The new century and the new millennium bring with them new opportunities and new potentials but also new challenges, especially when the consequences of the past for the economy are still there in terms of growth stagnation and economic vulnerability. These difficulties have motivated us not only to rise equal to the challenges of free market competition but also to esteem highly the values of cooperation, community, and the mutual sharing of visions, standards, and benefits.

Given an early focus since the beginning in the infrastructure and industrial sectors where the demands for growth are most promising, and with our motto of immense confidence in human’s creativity and innate potential, today we have tuned in on the goal of multisector development and are shaping the growth of a corporate Group with expansionary investment and business operations in diverse fields.

Via our objectives of sustainable growth, Tan Co JSC in particular and the whole Group in general remain deeply committed to the responsibility of serving the people and the society.

By virtue of our will to be different, and our creative, fruitful, honest and humane efforts, Tan Co JSC has time and again proved to be the reliable supplier of products and services in the fields of fastener, metalwork, mechanical engineering, and material and equipment provision for key industrial sectors.

The principles governing our operations and development are grounded on the foundational values of High Quality – High Standards – Exemplary Excellence – Persistent Progress, where the measures of our success arethe satisfaction of our Distinguished Customers, Agencies, Partners, and Employees, in addition to our performance in practical undertakings that demonstrate and confirm our service to society.

We would like to wish You the best of health, happiness and prosperity!

With respectful gratitude for Your support,